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Welcome to MIA

Mascotte Industrial Associates (HK) Ltd. was established in 1973 as a photographic bag manufacturer in Hong Kong, just as photography became affordable for the masses. Initially, photo taking was a luxury hobby and the first bags developed by MIA were very high-end, hand-made mainly leather products of the highest standard.


Since its inception MIA has always been an innovator in the industry and set up its first production in the PRC in the early 1980s.


Today, MIA is recognized as the premier cut and sew partner for innovative bag solutions in consumer electronics in the photographic, optical, educational toys, medical devices, and many more areas. This includes many firsts and functional patents developed in-house.

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MIA has always had a strong affinity to quality control and process conforming with international recognized standards at our manufacturing facilities in the PRC, which are managed under the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 Certification from SGS, as well as highest labour standards.

MIA’s 500+ workforce manufacture over 300 different products at any point in time, many of them developed in-house at MIA, one of the major innovators in the industry. Our strength lies in OEM and ODM equipment bags for global A-brand hardware manufacturers, global bag brands, as well as major re- and e-tailers.


MIA has been integrating electronics and solar panels into bags for many years, having registered the world's first solar and wireless charging bag patent in 2003, and using innovative textile controls in bags and garments. We use our innovative techniques to integrate electronics in our customers cut and sew ‘smart’ bags by co-operating in high-tech ventures incorporating these skills in complex textile & electronic production and integration. Major achievements to date include cooperation and partnerships for solar, flexible controllers, textile keyboards and acoustic bags.

MIA's international team members are fluent in many languages having long term experience and knowledge in the optical and electronics industry. Our international sales team of diverse nationalities around the globe is available to service customers on location, worldwide.

MIA has the manufacturing facilities, experience, knowledge, technique, design, innovation, efficiency, and flexibility to suit major industry players.

R&D Department

MIA has it’s own R&D department using it’s 5 decades of knowledge in the cut & sew business to develop not only custom cases but also many firsts in the industry. Collaboration included developing the CD cases with a renowned industry brand, reverse opening camera bags, hidden compartment camera backpacks, easy lift systems for camera and mobile phone bags and many more.

In depth knowledge of the latest materails and techniques allow us to develop innovative bag solutions for all types of equipment.


Digital paper pattern design


Digital 1:1 paper pattern print


Digital laser cutting


Sample quality control


Highly skilled sample makers


Factory showroom

Production Facilities

MIA main facilities are based in Dongguan, China. Our factories have ISO 9000 and 14000 certification following international production standards including abiding to stringent labour laws, as required by the A brands procuring products from us. Our production department works out the most efficient setups depending on the product and volume, using either inline or U shaped production protocols.

On top of stringent IQC and OQC procedures, we have many inline quality control systems in place to catch any discrepancies early. With our production setup we are able to guarantee our customers high quality, on time delivery production.

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High head sewing machine


Computerized sewing machine

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