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Why Choose MIA?

Mascotte is here to help your esteemed company to develop superlative cut & sew packaging and accessories solutions, offering a secure transport mechanism and adding to your overall value proposition.

Key benefits of working with Mascotte:

on time delivery.png

On time delivery


There is nothing worse delaying delivery of your valuable products due to a delivery delay. MIA has 50 years of meeting timelines for A-brands around the world.

Quality Guarantees.png

Quality guarantees


The quality of our products meets the industry standards of your markets and we have a lower than 0.1% return rate over the past 50 years, as partner you can count on.

Inter China Deliveries.png

Inter China deliveries


We are able to deliver your product directly to your production facility in the PRC with VAT invoice due to our local setup. This means you can pack your PRC manufactured products on site at your production.




Due to our many decades experience in electronic integration and production we are able to bundle our product with your product for export, which requires a special export license. The bundling can be done by us or at your facility.




MIA can guarantee compliance of your products for your given markets. For example if a inbox bag in the EU does not comply with the hardware specificiations you can not import or sell your product, which will be destroyed by the EU authorities. MIA gives you the trust and assurance of a fair market price product, potentially saving you millions of $ versus sourcing a cheap in box to save you only thousands of $.

One stop service.png

One stop service


We have our own in-house designers and product development teams and can start working with you during your product development process looking at the best options to make your overall product a success. From design, sourcing materials to packing our team looks forward to serving you.

Multi Language Competences.png

Multi language competences


Our in house and international sales teams speaks many languages and we can support our clients on site in most markets around the world in their own language.

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